Awards and Recognitions

Glory of Georgians award winners

Dr Ira Pande

Prof Dhavendra Kumar

Mr Sanjiv Agarwal

Prof MLB Bhatt

Prof Ravi kant

Mr Pramod Luthra

Dr Bulu Singh

Dr Shoba Srivastava

MBE Award

Dr Shobha Srivastava

Community Award, House of Lords 2018

Dr Shoba Srivastava

Lifetime Achievement Awards

Dr Narendra Jain

Prof Dhavendra Kumar

Mr Madal Mohan Lal

Dr T N Mehrotra

Dr Ajai P Singh

A brief history of KGMC Alumni UK - How it evolved The first Georgian meet, in the UK, took place in Leamington Spa in 1978. It was the brainchild of Dr. Amar Singh Ryan, Ajit Singh & Balbir Singh. The word was spread by telephone and by word of mouth. The meet has been held [...]

Dr Boota Singh

Dr Randhir Singh

Dr SPD Singh

Emerging Georgian Award

Dr Jasbir Chhabra

Dr Niruj Aggarwal

Dr Shishu Sharma

Georgian Entertainer of the year Award

Dr Jasbir Singh Chhabra

Outstanding contribution

Dr Sachin Wahal

Dr Shishu Sharma

Outstanding contribution towards 2021 meet

Dr Vikas Malik

Best entertainment Award

Dr Bhavna Purwal