About Us

A brief history of KGMU Alumni UK - How it evolved

The first Georgian meet, in the UK, took place in Leamington Spa in 1978. It was the brainchild of Dr. Amar Singh Ryan, Ajit Singh & Balbir Singh. The word was spread by telephone and by word of mouth. The meet has been held every year ever since in various parts of the country, alternating between North & South. The Annual meet has always been attended by over 100 Georgians. In 1997, the website “www.kgmc.org.uk” was launched by Dr. Surendra P Singh and a database developed. An Executive Committee was formed electing Late Dr. Bulu Singh – Chairperson, Dr. Ajai Singh – Secretary and Dr. Boota Singh – Treasurer.

We have very successfully hosted two Internationals meets in – 1995 & 2014. We are known for excellent scientific sessions approved by the Royal Colleges. It has always been a practice to encourage young Georgians to attend and take control to carry on the tradition and make improvements in the functioning of our Alumni.

Dr Ajai P Singh